Self Serve


A high Ph product designed to cut through road films such as oils, fuels and other aggressive substances. Also great for breaking down proteins of bug guts and other insects. Think of this product as applying shaving cream before you shave, ALWAYS USE IT if you want results!!

Tyre & Engine Degreaser

A mild degreaser for the removal of brake dust on your wheels. Also for the removal of surface oils and grease for your engine!

High Pressure Soap

Combined with hot water set at 35 degrees, blasts off what the Presoak and Tyre & Engine have loosened off and softened up!

Foaming Brush

A high lubricious product designed to agitate and lift off excess dirt. The brush is made of very soft hogs hair and will not scratch your paint. Understand that every car has swirl marks, even when new. Some colours just hide them better, e.g Silver as apposed to a high maintainable colour such as reds and blacks. Day to day driving, rain, wind and hot summer sun are the primary reasons your cars exterior suffers.

High Pressure Rinse

This is not just plain old tap water. It goes through a water softening process to eliminate hard water properties like zinc and irons out of it to produce a quality result.

UV Clear Coat Protectant

This product prepares the cars surface for the very important next step, the Wax. This product has great UV protectant properties and should be applied with every wash.

High Pressure Wax

At 35 degrees also, this step is as important as the Presoak. Over time your cars shine declines. Imagine your cars surface under a microscope, it resembles the surface of fine sandpaper, the wax's job is to fill in the gaps between the uneven surface so the sun light can bounce back the colour straight in your eyes instead of reflecting it in multiple directions, hence the phrase "it's not as bright as it used to be".

Spot Free Rinse

This process is to remove any excess surface wax that maybe left on the cars surface. The water goes through a reverse osmosis process which produces the most optimal result for your car!


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