Storm Water Trooper

Hey kids...

Here at THE BEST CARWASH, we are very conscious of the environmental impacts car washing has on our local community. With cars being a very valuable asset to our households, we need to ensure they're maintained and cleaned in order to keep the family moving.

What isn't widely known is the harmful materials that go into the storm water when washing cars at home heads straight into our rivers, streams and vital waterways which are critical to our and many other organisms existence.

This link explains why we need to be mindful in our choices around the home and the simple steps you can do to become one of our official STORM WATER TROOPERS

When mum or dad come in for their carwash, collect your STORM WATER TROOPER card and grab a stamp each time you visit. On your 5th stamp, you collect your badge and become an official STORM WATER TROOPER and help make our waterways pollutant free for the future!!!


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